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A Movie a Day For as Long as it Takes

My husband and I own a lot of movies. And when I say a lot, I don’t mean we own as many as the library I work for, but we come damn close. My husband works for a video store. I’ve worked for video stores. We buy a lot of movies and we watch a lot of movies. But we own a lot more than we watch on a regular basis. We’ve got things still in shrink wrap because we saw them in the theater, loved them, bought them, then haven’t had the urge to watch them since. But we know we will. We always do eventually. Or one of us does. And that’s what got me thinking. We own a number of things I’ve never seen or never seen all the way through. Sometimes that’s a conscious choice (Elektra) and sometimes I just haven’t gotten around to it (Henry V, I’m ashamed to say). And I’d like to remedy that.

So this is my project. For however long it takes, I’m going to make an effort to watch something we own every day. Given that we have more movies than shelf space for them, that’s going to take a while. And that’s just movies. We decided to exclude television series from this little endeavor because if we didn’t then we’d have the entire run of The Prisoner, all of the Diana Rigg episodes of The Avengers, Battlestar Galactica, a bucketload of anime, Dilbert, and oh, oh the MST3K. We’ll do that some other decade. The movies should keep us busy enough. But even then, we’ve got to have some rules.

The Rules:
1. Minimum 1 movie watched per day, preferably while both Andy and Amanda are present (exceptions will be made in the case of double shifts and/or illness).
2. Movies will be played in their entirety. Scenes which make A or A uncomfortable (comedy of embarrassment!) can be ignored, but not fast-forwarded.
3. Movies will be chosen somewhat at random from the vast numbers of DVDs around the apartment. In the event that the next movie on a stack is a sequel to an as-of-yet unwatched movie, the first movie in the sequence will be found and watched instead. In the case of series (LotR, Star Trek, etc.) series will be watched in order.
4. In the event of multiple versions (directors’ cuts, etc.) the longer of the versions will be watched and acknowlegement made of what is different.
5. Guests to our apartment during the viewing of a movie for the project may submit a review, but A and A MUST post SOMETHING about all movies viewed.
6. Movies seen on TV do not count, even if we own said movies. Movies must be watched on DVD. If we see something on TV and want to watch it, we should damn well find it and put it in without commercials.
7. As this project is largely to explore the aforementioned vast numbers of DVDs we own, we will not repeat reviews, even if we repeat viewings. Each day’s review will be of a new and heretofore unreviewed movie.
8. Television shows are not included in the project even though we own a buttload of those too. Made-for-TV movies or movies based on television shows are.
9. As MST3K is a TV series, and TV series are not included in our project, MST3K-riffed movies are not part of the project except if we own them in their un-MSTed format.
10. Feature length documentaries on their own discs (i.e. Trekkies as opposed to the documentary footage on LotR) will be reviewed as films.
11. Pausing is allowed for essential breaks such as kitchen disasters, cat puke, family phone calls, etc. but in general the movie should be watched in a single sitting.
12. New movies can be bought and included in the project at any time. Yes. This means I will be forcing my husband to watch Center Stage with me.
13. Reviews posted by A and A really should be at least a full sentence, but in the case of absolute dreck, “IT STINKS!” will be accepted.
14. DVDs not purposefully obtained by either Andy or Amanda are not part of the project by default. Inclusion of gifts will be decided on a case-by-case basis.

And those are the basics. I’m hoping to rediscover some old favorites, watch some stuff I’ve always meant to but never got around to, and justify the piles of DVDs sitting around the apartment. And if that means sitting through some clinkers that we bought while my husband was attempting to purchase every comic book adaptation he could, regardless of quality? So be it. And that being said, our first movie of the project was Hellboy. Really, it was Hellboy 2, which was on top of the nearest stack, but in accordance with rule #3, we went and found the first movie to watch first and we’ll save 2 for tomorrow night.


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