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Movie 5 – Knowing

Knowing – March 5, 2010

Now, I’m absolutely certain I saw ads for this and at one point knew what it was about and the basic premise. But going into it? I had completely forgotten. And I didn’t do myself any favors, like reading the back of the box or anything. Pfft. That would be cheating! Somehow.

It’s an Alex Proyas movie, and I’ve liked some of his work in the past, so I went into this hopeful. And for the most part, I enjoyed watching it. Yes, I made fun of a few bits (“I’m an astrophysicist! I carry a badge!”) but by and large the majority of the movie was fun. I’m a little puzzled by the use of Holst’s Jupiter in the beginning, since I’d kind of expect there to be some more symbolism to such a distinctive piece of music, but there didn’t seem to be much. But you know, that’s a minor thing. If you’re looking for a decentish scifi/drama/apocalypse movie, it’s not bad! It’s got explosions and a Wilhelm scream (somewhat covered by some metallic squealing, but it was there) and the requisite creepy little girl who made me wonder when we put in Bioshock and where the Big Daddy was. It’s got pseudoscience that made me go “Nova weather!” and want to dig out my Niven. It’s got a wacky theory and Nicholas Cage racing around trying to save everyone when he’s clearly not acting even remotely like a reliable resource.

But you know what I could have done without? I could have done without the whole “silly atheist scientist learns how wrong he was” thing the movie had going from the first time Nicholas Cage opens his big damn mouth.

The saving grace for that? Even though I had the whispering guys totally pegged as soon as we got a good look at one of them (actually, the trench coats kind of made me think of another Nick Cage movie, so that was a clue right there), I’d wondered how it would play out at the end. So what were they really? The movie leaves it somewhat ambiguous. I can come up with three possibilities (does anyone at all care of I spoil Knowing here?) but given what happens at the end, it definitely bends the movie more towards the science fiction end of the spectrum, as opposed to the Kirk Cameron end.

I still don’t get the rabbits or why the whisper dudes kept giving people those rocks from the end, but whatever.

Overall, decent. Not great, but decent. If I was going to do a disaster/apocalypse marathon, I’d include it.

Next up: Pirates of the Caribbean, which will, of course, start us on a three night pirate series.


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