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Movie 6 – Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl

Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl – March 6, 2010

We had to watch early today since Andy’s got a late/long shift at work. Maybe not everyone would put in a pirate action flick upon waking up, but obviously today we did.

We’ve seen this oh so many times, and I know when we first saw it we had oh so low expectations. Silly us. Really, it’s a fantastic movie for what it’s meant to be. And it’s not meant to be high art. It’s meant to be rollicking pirate adventure, with swashbuckling and quippy dialogue and ships and swords and ghosts and the like. And it succeeds at every turn. The opening scene? Perfect. Jack’s entrance? Perfect. The initial meeting between him and Elizabeth? Perfect. The sword fight in the smithy? Perfect. And that’s all just in the first half hour.

As I’m sure I’ll have ample chance to say, I do love a sword fight.

And I love some good quippy dialogue and a scoundrel to start it off. Jack Sparrow is a fantastic scoundrel character and Johnny Depp plays him well. Scoundrels and rogues are great figures in a movie. There’s usually a straight man for them to play off (Han and Luke in Star Wars is one of my favorite examples) and it makes for some fantastic moments since Will and Jack are the focal characters of the movie for much of it. Sadly, that dynamic often has a third member: The Girl. And I do hate for the ladies to be relegated to a gender instead of a character, but Elizabeth is a great lively gal who breaks out of The Girl role, though more in the second movie. And good for her. But we’ll do the second movie tomorrow.

Anyhow, I can’t not love this movie. I hadn’t seen it in a while before today, so while it wasn’t precisely fresh like a first viewing, it wasn’t something I’ve burnt out on. It was great to see the the story come together again and the action scenes, which are great, and Orlando Bloom’s Depp-as-Sparrow impression – which I’d somehow forgotten, and the setup for the next movie. They did a great job making a single movie that could get a sequel if things went well, but stood on its own if things didn’t. Not an easy task.

Swash swash, buckle buckle. Tomorrow we’re on to Dead Man’s Chest.

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