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Some Kind of Wonderful

March 13, 2010

Some Kind of Wonderful

Ahh.. back to the eighties.  The wonderful, silly, image-obsessed eighties.

I really shouldn’t like this movie as much as I do.  I mean, it’s not really a good movie.. it’s a pretty silly movie, but for some reason it still works for me.  The plot is pretty simple.  Keith is a kid who actually has to work for a living (the horror) and is obsessed with this girl Amanda, who runs with the rich popular crowd.  Amanda has a total scumbag for a boyfriend and the stalkery Keith knows just how awful Hardy is.  Eventually Keith works up the nerve to ask Amanda out and she accepts just to get back at Hardy.

The whole movie revolves around this one date that Keith has planned with Amanda.  The first half of the film is the set-up, introducing the characters and whatnot.  The second half of the whole movie is the date itself.  A wonderful perfect date as could only exist in a John Hughes movie.  But, really, even though Keith is meant to be the protagonist of the movie it’s not really a movie about him, as far as I’m concerned.  The whole film is hijacked by Keith’s best friend, the awesome tomboy drummer Watts.  See, Watts is secretly in love with Keith.  Or not so secretly.  Keith’s just oblivious.  And Watts is awesome in just about every way.

So it’s a predictable, romance full of eighties highschool cliques.  But in the end, more than in any of these other eighties John Hughes flicks, everything turns out just right.

Oh, sure the movie is full of holes.  Like: why does supposedly working-class Keith live in this huge and very nicely appointed house with his family?  And, as my Amanda points out, just how much did those earrings cost??  But on the whole it’s a great little slice of improbable fantasy romance.

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