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State of the blog update

I’d like to share something with you, our faithful readers.  We have just completed what we hope is a mostly accurate inventory of our film collection (excluding serialized anime and television shows) and the count is 405 movies.  So if we don’t buy another movie in the next year we will be done with our project by May of 2011.  And we WILL be buying more movies.  A lot more movies.  This week alone (that’s since Sunday) I have bought 21 new DVDs and we’ve reviewed 4.  I have several on pre-order already.  And we have plans for next weekend which involve buying probably four more before the end of next week.

Clearly this initial surge has to abate eventually.  We will at some point have bought all the movies that we want in our collection that are currently available. Hollywood does not produce seven movies a week that we will want to own.  It remains to be seen just how many movies are already out there that we need to get.. but doing this inventory has revealed some glaring omissions, so we anticipate adding a lot of titles in the coming months.

Just thought you’d like to know where things stand.

(I’m working on formatting our blog homepage to include a ticker of how many movies remain in our collection to be reviewed.)


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