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Plan 9 From Outer Space

March 21, 2010

Plan 9 From Outer Space

You can’t help but smile watching this famously awful film.  From Criswell’s fantastic opening monologue to the flying saucers on strings… everything about this travesty is a joy to watch.  Be amazed by Tor Johnson’s clear difficulty with his lines!  Be astounded by the fey alien commander!  Nothing you have ever experienced can prepare you for “grave robbers from outer space.”

As a long time Mystery Science Theater 3000 fan I have to admit I’m ashamed that this is the only un-riffed Ed Wood movie we have in our collection.  We do, however, have Bride of the Monster, The Violent Years and The Sinister Urge in MST format.  This version of Plan 9 that we’re watching is the Legend Films release which has a commentary track from Mike Nelson, and we also own the Rifftrax Live version.  In the spirit of our project, however, we’re watching it un-MSTed.  And, frankly, I see why for so many years Joel Hodgson swore they would not feature this movie on MST.  It simply doesn’t need it.

Everything you could want in a dreadfully horrible low-budget sci-fi movie is here:  Unnecessary narration, poor acting and dialog, and cardboard sets.  It’s hard to imagine that any of this was done seriously, but this movie was made before there was such a thing as “camp.”  Any spoof of bad fifties movies you’ve ever seen has been referencing this.  This is the original reference point.  The single most famous bad movie ever made.  (Though I can say with certainty that it is far from the worst.)

So much fun.

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