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Movie 26 – Stand By Me

Stand By Me – March 26, 2010

Andy and I are currently attending PAX East, a gaming convention full of awesome. One major piece of awesome from today’s con experience was attending the inaugural keynote address, delivered by Wil Wheaton. So let me take a moment to say just how very cool it was to be there and hear him speak live and I’m not ashamed to say that I got a little misty eyed when he talked about the gaming community and friendships made through games. I’m not a hardcore PvP gamer, but I do love games and I’m all for gaming as a pastime and as a community.

Anyhow, in honor of our Wil Wheaton Live! experience today, we decided to watch Stand By Me. It’s another one I’ve seen several times, but that I’ve not watched in ages. Wil Wheaton made a couple of references to it during his speech today and it made me all excited to watch it tonight, so I’m enjoying it.

Except for the leeches. Leeches evoke a similar (but lesser) panic in me to that which I get from snakes. Let me tell you, Snakes on a Plane is going to be difficult. So yes, I’m over at my laptop at the desk in our hotel room while the leech scene plays so I don’t end up with leech nightmares. But other than the leeches, this movie is fantastic. It’s more than a little melancholy, which doesn’t really fit a gaming convention mood, but to be honest, if you look at the theme of friendship that’s at the movie’s core, I can fit it into our weekend. (ETA: Wil Wheaton has posted an excerpt from his speech at his blog here and he posted a part that fits perfectly into my point.)

It feels more than a little cheesy to talk about how the point of the movie is the friends you have and finding yourself and how good friends will help you do that, but what else is more important there? Be who you want to be. Stand up for what you believe in, be it yourself, your friends, your hobbies, your dreams. I like that message, even if the movie presents it through Richard Dreyfus’s adult view back, which inevitably makes it something hazy and nostalgic. Standing up for yourself shouldn’t just be nostalgia. It should be something you do every day. But then, I don’t think the movie needs to say that explicitly. It implies it if you look close.

I’m going to keep it short tonight, as I have a headache from too much time spent with too many people in loud spaces with little food and water. We’re going to endeavor to get a movie watched tomorrow morning and write our reviews when we get time during the day while we wait in lines.

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