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Movie 29 – Barbarella

Barbarella – March 29, 2010

Oh my god, Barbarella. The very best word for this movie (aside from boobalicious) is bizarre. It practically revels in it. The pointy-toothed dolls, Professor Ping, the sex pills, the costumes, the plot, the shag carpeted space ship, it’s all so very over-the-top, it’s clearly intentional. It’s a spectacle of sixties cheesy science fiction and I’m pretty damn sure it was made to be just that.

We watched the preview for the movie once it was over and really, it was played up to be a pulpy sci-fi romp with plenty of naked Jane Fonda and it definitely delivers on that front. Barbarella’s constantly getting undressed and then changing into something new. After the third costume change for Barbarella, it’s pretty obvious you’re not supposed to take this movie at all seriously. Really, it’s obvious before then, but the constant stripping and sex and costume changes would clue in anyone. And while some of the costumes are just mini-dresses with sparkly bits, some, like the one with the one semi-transparent breast cup, are just hilarious.

There’s a lot to convince me that the movie was made as comedy. For example, my favorite line in the entire movie: “What’s that screaming? A good many dramatic situations begin with screaming.” And then Barbarella hums her own theme song whenever she’s just had sex, in some sort of post-coital haze of meta. Every so often the movie “accidentally” bumps up against the fourth wall and goes “Oops! Is something there that I’m not supposed to know about or acknowledge? Silly me!” Personally, I love comedy that breaks the fourth wall. It can be done to great effect. I’m not so sure I’d label this movie great, but it does have a ridiculous sort of charm to it simply because it is so strangely self-aware.

But then too, some of the charm, at least for me, is the whole retro-future vibe the movie has going on. I do love the fifties and sixties views of the future. There’s just something about using a lava lamp as a special effect that makes me want to hold up my hand and say “Love!” But now I’m going to have that theme song stuck in my head for days.

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