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Movie 33 – Ghostbusters

Ghostbusters – April 2, 2010

Being a librarian, I both love and hate the beginning of this movie. On one hand, yay libraries! On the other, boo stereotypes! That being said, it is a great intro. Thank goodness physical card catalogs are a thing of the past. The idea of having to reorganize all the cards that come spitting out of the cabinet makes me feel a headache coming on. And the books! Symmetrical book stacking! I wish with all my heart that people where I work would stack books that neatly.

Now, I was too young to see this in the theater, but it wouldn’t have mattered. I didn’t go to many movies as a kid. But I’ll go into that tomorrow, because I did see Ghostbusters II in the theater. Anyhow, I did see this when I was a kid and only in my adulthood do I realize just how much went whooooooooosh, right over my head. Even so, I’ve loved it for years. Much like Buckaroo Banzai, it’s eminently quotable. Perhaps not to quite the same extent, but really, there are tons of lines that have entered my reference vocabulary (not to mention stuff like “Don’t cross the streams” which has entered common parlance as a euphemism for a Very Bad Idea, often involving mixing things that shouldn’t be mixed). I won’t make a list for this one, but there’s probably a quotable line or two in every scene in the movie.

As I watch this, I find I don’t have much to say beyond how much fun it is to watch the movie and laugh. Which is the point. It’s not meant to spark intellectual debate. It’s supposed to be enjoyable. And it is. Even the montage is great! I mean, I could interrogate it from a feminist perspective (oh, OH I really could), or criticize the fact that the loathsome petty villain of the movie is an EPA representative, because you know how horrible people who are concerned about the environment are (for the EPA guy I generally just try to see him as a bureaucrat and hum the Bureaucrat song from Futurama in my head) But I don’t really want to ruin it for myself by taking an otherwise good silly movie with a great script and getting all serious. I can think of at least one other movie in our collection that I know I’ll be ripping apart, so I’ll save my ire for later.

For now, I’ll just have a good time watching this movie in wide screen, so I can see all the details (like the Staypuft marshmallows on Dana’s counter at the beginning) that got cut in the pan and scan. And for that matter, it’s awesome seeing this movie on DVD with all the scenes and dialogue intact. The version I had for years was videotaped off television and the swears were dubbed over and some scenes were missing and that’s what made it okay for me to watch at my young and impressionable age. Haha.

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