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Movie 47 – Coraline

Coraline – April 16th, 2010

So, a word about this weekend and tonight in particular: I will be visiting a friend for the weekend and Andy and I will be watching the movies tonight, Saturday and Sunday apart. In fact, tonight I watched Coraline on my iPod on the bus and I am now typing this on my phone. Ah, technology. Every so often I realize I live in the future.

But onto Coraline. We originally saw this in the theater in 3D, so I find it pretty funny that my second view was on my tiny iPod screen. I figure I saw all the amazing detail already, so no big deal, right? And really, the movie was still visually amazing on an itty bitty screen. The animation is absolutely gorgeous and I adore the little things about it as much as the big dramatics. Case in point: the dogs. My mother has two black Scottish terriers and for anyone who has not had the pleasure of personally meeting one, I can vouch for the dogs in this movie being hilariously spot on. Especially their little overbites, which make me laugh my ass off. But then there are the big things, like all the people and the garden and the big climax. It is a beautifully made movie.

Now, being a children’s librarian, I would be acquainted with the book the movie is based on even if I wasn’t fond of Neil Gaiman’s work already. Unfortunately, it’s been quite some time since I read it, so I’m a little fuzzy on details and differences. I know the character of Wybie was introduced for the movie and I know the climax was made all cinematic and actiony for the screen, but the rest? I honestly can’t say. And I think that’s a good thing! Really, even Wybie and the climax work for the movie. Nothing really feels out of place in the world Gaiman originally created.

And what a creepy world it is. Sure, the eyes = soul thing is a bit of a cliche, but the button twist is nicely eerie for a story largely intended for kids. Same for there being a world connected to our own where we could have everything we could want, if only we give up our selves. It’s a “be careful what you wish for” type of story. A cautionary fairytale with a monster who surely wants to gobble you up. So many fairy tales have had their danger and risk sanded away these days, I like seeing something so genuinely nightmare-foddery and dreamlike at the same time.

Overall, I really do like this movie. I have a couple of complaints, like Coraline’s game with the other mother feeling a tiny bit like the beginning of a Zelda game, but they’re minor, all things considered. The voices are marvelous and as I said, the animation is beautiful. And to be honest, I’d watch it for the Scotties alone.


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