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Stargate (Director’s Cut)

April 17, 2010

Stargate (Director’s Cut)

This is a little odd. Amanda is out of state visiting a friend (who should hopefully be submitting our first guest review today!) Because of this I am watching the Stargare Ultimate Edition Director’s Cut, but I don’t know what version Amanda is watching. So I’ll try to ignore scenes like the the bit at the very beginning that were not in the version I saw in the theater way back when this first came out.

I do enjoy a good Roland Emmerich/Dean Devlin film. Like this or Independence Day (but not like the travesty that is the United Statsian Godzilla movie.) They’re not concerned with things like plausibility or making sense – they just want to lay out the movie’s ground rules so they can get right into the action. They’re like James Cameron light. I mean, within the first half hour of this movie you have the whole premise of the film and, really, it doesn’t matter that it makes no sense whatsoever. (The stargate that the military have has only about 50 symbols on it, and the military already knows six of the ones they need, so in two years they haven’t been able to find the seventh one? How is that possible?)

Of course it doesn’t matter that the plot makes no sense. These movies are all about simply turning your brain off and enjoying the spectacle. And on the spectacle they deliver. If you can just immerse yourself in the world they present you with then you can go along and have a good deal of fun. I remember well watching this in the theater back in ’94 and being quite pleased with the final showdown with the alien and his henchmen in the pyramid, when the characters use the alien technology against him. Kudos to Emmerich on that – the set up worked and ultimately the payoff was a lot of fun. Good, brainless, sci-fi fun.

The real star of this movie is is, I think, the production design. Sure it’s a fun adventure film and all, but what sticks with you when it’s all over is all the cool Egyptian inspired costuming and set design for the alien and his beast headed henchmen. The alien ship, technology, guns – all of it is super cool. So a special thank you to production designer Holger Gross and costume designer Joseph Porro and Patrick Tatopoulos who gets a closing credit all to himself for the design of the animatronic alien head-dresses. Great job, guys, you made the movie for me.

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