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Can’t Hardly Wait

April 20, 2010

Can’t Hardly Wait

Amanda, the popular girl in this movie who has just broken up with her dumb jock boyfriend, has almost exactly the same speech that Lea Thompson’s character Amanda had in Some Kind of Wonderful. The one about how she doesn’t want to be alone and doesn’t know how to be just herself. It was at that moment that I decided to turn off my brain. If you try to view this movie in the light of teen romance/comedies that preceded it your’e going to be disappointed. But if you can just turn your brain off there are a lot of fun stupid moments to enjoy.

It’s really a movie made up of little vignettes. There’s a plot about all these high school cliques coming together at a big party after graduation. There’s Mark from Empire Records who has this total unrequited crush on that Amanda girl. There’s the nerd with his revenge plan against Amanda’s ex the school jock. There’s Seth Green as “Special K” the wannabe hipster. There’s Denise who is basically Daria, the cool aloof girl (she’s my favorite part of the movie actually.) And there’s a big supporting cast of characters like the two nerds waiting to jump the jock, the guy who’s all like “hey you remember that time,” the girl who wants everybody to sign her yearbook, the high school band that just never seems to get to play any songs at the party… and so on. They’re all at this party for different reasons – and then stuff happens.

And that’s all there really is to say about that. I’m not trying to be harsh on this movie. I know it’s not going to be a favorite of mine like Empire Records or Some Kind of Wonderful, but it’s a fun little nothing of a movie. It has some great bits like the running gag with the kid who keeps stealing things (it made me chuckle, what can I say?) Everybody learns something about themselves (or not.)

I’m not certain how to take this movie. I think it’s intended to be parody, or maybe a deconstruction of a teen comedy. But as parody it is too invested in its plot and characters, and as deconstruction it’s certainly referential enough, but it doesn’t really break any new ground. It does a lot of things that other teen comedy/romances have done before and done better. (Like stealing the bit from the end of Animal House and Fast Times at Ridgemont High with the blurbs telling us what happens to the characters after the movie is over.) It just doesn’t seem to have a place of its own.

Wait… wait… that’s my brain turning back on. Sorry about that. Shut up, brain… just enjoy the funny moving pictures. There. That’s better. Heh. Funny pictures.


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