A and A's Movie A Day

Watching movies until we run out.

Rules update!

Let’s talk about rules.

The ones we have seem to be working out rather well. We’ve been watching a movie a day, together whenever possible, but still watching the same movie when apart (I think we coped quite well while I was in another state). We haven’t skipped parts or fast forwarded. We’ve watched things in sequence, though not necessarily back to back. We’ve had a guest review! And so on and so forth.

And then there’s Rule 12. Rule 12 states: “New movies can be bought and included in the project at any time.” Now, we’ve done just this. We’ve added things when we went through and realized things were missing (Fargo? Really? Where did it go?!) and we’ve added things we’ve found or meant to buy eventually anyhow or which were released on DVD after the project began. But we realized something dangerous about Rule 12. It could be used to gift us with movies we don’t want to watch.

Now, while I realize that we never actually stated that we have to watch everything in our collection, that’s the spirit of the whole endeavor. And Rule 12, in conjunction with said spirit, makes it possible for us to have something thrust upon us without our consent. Now, taste is a subjective thing. We definitely don’t agree on everything, and while we went out and intentionally made Megalodon a part of our collection, there are still things neither of us is at all interested in seeing.

So, new rule:
14. DVDs not purposefully obtained by either Andy or Amanda are not part of the project by default. Inclusion of gifts will be decided on a case-by-case basis.

We’ve got one item in our collection that’s already been excluded, and one possible gift that, if we get it, I know we will include. But if we didn’t ask for it or get it ourselves? We get to make the call on whether we watch it or not. I think that’s only fair.


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