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April 28, 2010


There was a preview on this DVD for Final Fantasy: Advent Children. We don’t often watch the previews on our DVDs but we watched this one just to relive the insanity which was the Final Fantasy movie. And I’m glad we did, because it helped to prepare me mentally for Ultraviolet. This exceptionally silly movie really wants to be a video game. Violet has these bracelets that she can store weapons and ammo inside which reminded me very much of Jade in Beyond Good and Evil. And in the beginning part of the movie she has this cool device that re-orients gravity so she can run on walls and ceilings (and drive up the side of a skyscraper in her motorcycle.) All the gadgetry in the movie seems like something that your regular unstoppable video game hero or heroin would come equipped with.

I think there’s plot in here somewhere. Something about a war in a dystopian future between humans and vampires. But it doesn’t make much sense. It’s just an excuse to get Violet into a series of battles against increasingly large squadrons of rock-stupid enemies who either have ludicrously bad aim or just don’t shoot their guns at all, choosing instead to run straight into Violet’s sword and bullets. Or who shoot and stab each other. Then Violet gets to pose a bit before her outfit changes color and she goes to the next room to kill some more idiots.

That having been said – I quite enjoy this movie for the completely mindless stylized violence. And I will never say no to an opportunity to seeing Milla Jovovich pose in a series of midriff-revealing costumes. The action is fun, the set design is cool, and altogether the movie is very pretty. I’d even say that it makes slightly more sense than Advent Children did. But it makes me want to play a video game rather than just watch a movie. Maybe P.N.03. Or maybe Mirror’s Edge. I’ll bet that Metroid: Other M would be a good companion piece as well. (Although that’s not coming out until later this year.)

Let’s hear it for kickass video game heroines. Like Violet.

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