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Aeon Flux

April 29, 2010

Aeon Flux

Yesterday’s movie about an unstoppable killing machine in a dystopian future (played by an actress who used to be a supermodel) made me want to watch today’s movie. About an unstoppable killing machine in a dystopian future (played by an actress who used to be a supermodel.) The distinction here is that Charlize Theron has an Oscar. And no recording career that I know of.

As with Watchmen I would say that Aeon Flux, the MTV Liquid Television cartoon by Peter Chung that this movie is based upon, is unfilmable. The problem is that the cartoon took delight in being obtuse. Putting aside that each episode took place in a separate continuity and that Aeon died in just about every episode, the show often just didn’t explain what was going on. It felt like there was an internal logic to the show, but it also felt like you were missing crucial bits of information. I always felt slightly off balance when watching the show. It was an uncomfortable feeling sometimes. I love discovering new worlds, and so I’d watch the show and try to unravel what was going on, who was on what side, but often there were no answers, which was part of the appeal of the show.

Given all that I think the film makers did an admirable job recreating the convoluted feel of the show, but made it more lucid, providing an actual plot and a world that makes some kind of sense in the end. The tech of the movie is very much in keeping with the show. All very organic and futuristic. Several moments in the movie are directly out of the show as well, such as passing the pill from mouth to mouth or Sithandra’s foot/hands. In my opinion the movie works well, but as with Watchmen I wonder how it stands on its own as a piece of cinema if you are unfamiliar with the cannon.

I’d like to think that this movie stands on its own as a cool bit of dystopian sci-fi. Certainly it is a more solid piece of film-making than yesterday’s entry. The action is a little less ludicrous (though there are still a whole mountain of dead faceless guards by the end.) The world is better realized. I wouldn’t say that the movie is thought provoking at any time, but it’s cool in it’s own way. More an homage to the cartoon than an adaptation.

Worth watching anyhow, and for me worth owning.

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