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Star Wars Ewok Adventures: The Battle for Endor

May 12, 2010

Star Wars Ewok Adventures: The Battle for Endor

I’m clearly biased about this movie since as I said yesterday it was written and directed by my uncles. I just wanted to get that out of the way so nobody mistakes this for an impartial review. It’s probable that my familial connections influence my view of the movie. Having gotten that out of the way I want to say I do enjoy watching this movie again. I mean contrast it with the first Ewok movie and you instantly notice a pretty significant difference. I mean: Wicket’s mouth moves! Amazing!

Right from the start this movie makes with the action. Wicket and Cindel are having an idyllic walk though the woods and then suddenly there’s a big battle scene with explosions and blaster fire and these big ugly lugs kidnap the Ewoks and kill Cindel’s family. That’ right, they kill Cindel’s brother and parents practically before the opening credits are over. You may recall (if you watched it) how Cindel’s parents are kidnapped by an ogre offscreen in the first move – leaving you feeling like you’ve missed a bit of the action. Well you’re not shortchanged this time around. And it’s great that the movie starts of with such a bang. You know you’re in for more action this time around.

After Cindel and Wicket escape from the goons (and a quick encounter with a dragon – which you can read more about in one of our guest commentaries) they quickly find the best thing in the movie: the speedy little creature Teek. Teek lives with the curmudgeonly old man Noa – played by Wilford Brimley. Most of the interactions that stayed with me over the years since I last saw this are bits of tender comedy between Noa and Teek. Things like Teek taking the muffins to Wicket and Cindel and Noa saying “You WERE hungry weren’t you!” It’s impressive that with this strange little grimacing creature that is barely articulated they get such a range of emotion. Teek is just fun to watch.

For a movie that starts out with such a traumatic beginning (the slaughter of Cindel’s family) there sure is a lot of fun comedy in here. You’re encouraged to laugh some at Noa and his irascible attitude as he complains to Teek about taking in the two orphans, and at the general antics of Teek and Wicket. But then you have this big exciting battle at the end where the Ewoks use all their Storm Trooper battleing abilities from Return of the Jedi to hold off an overwhelming horde of baddies.

Sure the effects are a little aged now in the era of CGI, but the Harryhousen fan in my loves all the stop-motion creatures. I remember wishing I had one of the articulated walking tadpole creatures to play with. And of course my uncles were always upset that there was never a Teek action figure. I agree – it would have been cool.

Altogether it’s a great bit of fun and adventure, and I’m pleased to find that about twenty five years later I still enjoy watching it.

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