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Further Endor reviews

The Battle for Endor review is the review that will not die! After enjoying the movie yesterday I decided to search the ‘net to see if I was the only person to have fond feelings for it. It turns out that I am not (because in the Internet no matter how obscure and strange your tastes may be there will be other people who share them.) So I present for you a few of the reviews I found:

This reviewer says pretty much exactly what I said yesterday:

I quite liked this review as well:

I like this review from a horror fan who watches the movie with an eye to my uncles’ more bloodthirsty side:

Only vaguely related to Ewoks, but OMG! I just stumbled upon a review of a DVD release of Ken & Jim’s first ever commercial movie release! And it has behind-the-scenes interviews with them! How did I not know that this existed? I am sorely tempted to buy it now for our project. Although I know it would hurt me.

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