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May 13, 2010


I’m resisting putting any quotations from today’s movie into my review. I know that if I start I’ll just end up quoting the whole damned film. It’s just that full of catchy moments that are perfectly crafted to stick forevermore in your brain. Indeed that’s pretty much all that the movie is: a series of quick one-liner gags all strung cleverly together into a feature film.

Well – maybe just a couple quotes – just because they’re quotes we use on a very nearly daily basis. I frequently tell Amanda “When you’re right you’re right. And you… you’re always right!” Because she is. And you have no idea how often after taking a bite of foor or a big gulp of liquid the loud exclamation of Dark Helmet “HOT! Too… HOT!” comes in handy. My friend John and I spent an entire afternoon once quoting this movie in the highschool student union. Not reciting it from start to finish (as I can do with a couple movies) but just quoting lines to each other and laughing, then thinking of another great quote and laughing again.

Part of what’s so much fun about this movie is how aware of its own silliness it is. It frequently breaks the fourth wall. (Rick Moranis stares right at the camera after some plot exposition to ask the audience “You get all that? Good!” And there’s the classic scene where Helmet and Saunders check the VHS tape of Spaceballs: The Movie to find where Lonestar and the princess have escaped to. They end up recursively watching themselves watching themselves. “When does this happen in the movie?” “Now.”

Dammit! I’m quoting it again! I just can’t help it. It’s so quotable that you can’t review it without getting caught just quoting all your favorite parts. And my favorite parts are the whole movie. From the ridiculously long opening shot (one of those how-long-can-they-sustain-a-single-gag moments) to Spaceball One going to plaid to capturing their stunt doubles to… well everything. I can’t think of a gag in the whole movie that doesn’t at least make me snicker a little. Even after having seen the movie umpteen bajillion times.

It’s the perfect way to round out our Star Wars week.

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