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The Warriors

June 4, 2010

The Warriors

“Sometime in the future” it is the 1970s again. This represents yet another movie from our collection that I’ve never seen before. Mostly because I’ve never been all that interested, but it’s supposed to be this sort of camp classic, so when I had a chance to pick it up for a couple bucks I couldn’t resist.

At least the plot is simple to sum up. When the charismatic leader Cyrus calls for a truce between all the themed street gangs of New York so they can take over the city he is assassinated, and the Warriors are framed for it. So they have to run and fight their way from the Bronx back home to Coney Island. I think that pretty much sums it up. A retelling of the Odyssey set in future 1970s New York.

Along the way they have to get past gangs, pull together, and fight. Mostly fight. There’s a lot of running and fighting and sweaty shirtless guys. They also pick up a strange hanger on in the enigmatic Mercy – a moll from a rival gang who is desperate for something, but it isn’t clear just what. Maybe she wants the adventure, or maybe she’s just a trouble maker.

Apparently the social hierarchy among gangs in this future 1970s is based on the complexity and uniformity of their gang wardrobe. The so-pathetic-they-aren’t-even-invited-to-the-pow-wow Orphans just have green t-shirts with their name sadly stenciled on the back. But there are plenty of better organized “boppers” on the streets. Mimes and purple pimps and “Baseball Furies.” (They have Yankees uniforms and face paint. Scary!) The Warriors all have very cool custom made leather vests. So the other gangs should know that they’re in for a rough time.

Of course the toughest and most organized gang in the whole city (with the best uniforms) are the police. They’re more a force to be dreaded than all the other gangs put together.

As I watch this now I kind of wish I had some notion of the geography of New York. The movie makes it clear that it’s a really long way – but I have no idea how far. Does the journey portrayed in the film make any kind of sense? Probably not, but I have no way of knowing.

Oh, and the film has a hidden message in support of literacy! It’s a kind of running gag that the Warriors can’t read the subway maps. Maybe if they spent more time in school and less time making trouble it would be easier for them to find their way home.

In the end it’s a simple movie but well executed. It’s about badasses being badassed. My only disappointment is that Mercy didn’t get a Warrior vest of her own.


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