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A quick note about Dune

So after we finished the movie tonight we sat and talked about Dune as a story and how difficult it would be to truly encompass all the details of the novel in a single movie. And we pretty much agreed that the miniseries does an excellent job at handling a lot of the details, even if some things still get left out.

And then we put in the miniseries and watched about an hour and a half of it.

Now, miniseries aren’t included in this project, but I think it says something about the world Frank Herbert created, that after watching one depiction of it, we went ahead and put in another depiction in the same night. Andy’s also pulled up the book on his iPod and I’ve renewed my determination to find myself a copy of the board game I heard about at PAX East (oh my goodness it sounds so amazingly confusing and complicated). That’s the mark of an impressively built world.

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