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Six Degrees (or more!)

We realized tonight that we’d managed to string together three movies in the past three nights – Richard Jordan from Logan’s Run to Dune and Patrick Stewart from Dune to TMNT. This was completely unintentional.

So we decided to see if we could get from tonight to Kevin Bacon. Since we’ve only got two Kevin Bacon movies in our collection and we’ve already watched one, and we’re limited to what we own, this took some doing. Anyone want to try and guess how we’re doing it? I’ll give a hint that Searching for Bobby Fischer would have made things immensely easier but we don’t own it. Anyhow, if one wanted, one could probably figure out a path. Given that one step is actually two movies (a pair with the same actor to link), we’ve got six more including our Kevin Bacon movie.

We’re limited to what we own and haven’t already watched for the project. That does make it tricky!


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