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Back to the Future III

July 7, 2010

Back to the Future III

I first saw this movie in a back to back trilogy marathon in the long vanished Hynes Auditorium. It was a really great time. We got t-shirts. At the start of the movie when Doc Brown made his trademark “Great Scott! exclamation the entire theater said it along with him and then exploded into cheers. Possibly having such fun at the premier colored my view of the movie. It’s hard to dislike a movie you’ve had such a good time watching.

The big advantage that this movie has over the second one is that it’s much more linear. It doesn’t involve twisted futures and paradoxes, it’s just a straight forward adventure story set in the old west. Marty has to go back to 1885 to stop Biff’s great, great grandfather from murdering Doc Brown. There are difficulties of course. The Delorean is out of gasoline so they have to find some other means of getting it up to 88 miles an hour using the technology of the day. And of course there’s Emmet’s forbidden love in the past for science fiction loving schoolmarm Clara.

I should point out that it seemed then and continues to seem now that Emmet was particularly thick when he refused to take Clara into the future with them. I mean, she’s supposed to have been dead in a ditch by then already. I suppose that in the service of the plot even Emmet Brown can be kind of dim.

Still – I enjoy this movie. It’s linear and predictable, but it’s still fun to watch. I particularly enjoy watching Christopher Lloyd as Emmet Brown in love. He’s all crazy google eyes and ridiculous grimaces. That and the whole climactic train scene at the end (which reminds me pleasantly of Buster Keaton’s The General – classic train stuff) really make the movie for me. Zemeckis even gets to do some special effects shots when Marty meets his own great great grandfather. (I have to watch the film again to see if I can figure out how they do the shot of Seamus passing the platter to Marty.)

So yeah, lightweight but fun. Fun even without a huge cheering crowd.

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