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July 15, 2010


As with Superman 2 (at least the almost non-existent Donner cut) this is a sequel that stems directly from its predecessor. We start out with a very cool scene involving the movie-verse version of Nightcrawler breaking into the White House – apparently in an effort to assassinate the president of the United States. I love the way they’ve realized Nightcrawler for the screen with his cool telleportation cloud and “bamf” sound effect. It helps that beneath all that blue make-up there’s Alan Cumming, who has enormous charisma no matter how much rubber he has glued to him.

Then we’re right back with the X-Men team and it’s as though we’ve never left. That’s what’s so great about this movie. It’s like an organic offshoot of the first one. It extrapolates naturally from the setup and world that the first movie established so well. Human Mutant tensions are still the primary focus. The twist is that this time it’s not Magneto trying to rule the human population – it’s crazed anti-mutant human agitator and military strongman William Stryker who has a plan to eliminate all the Mutants everywhere.

There are a lot of threads to this movie and all of them are intertwined and connected. There’s Wolverine’s obsession with his forgotten past. There’s Jean’s mysteriously augmented and increasingly out of control powers. There’s Magneto’s eventual escape from his plastic prison. And there’s Stryker’s plan, which is pretty convoluted. It might have made for a muddy and confusing film, but Bryan Singer does a masterful job of working with all the parts of the movie, building each on the other. The ultimate result is that the movie has several climactic moments, each more apocalyptic than the last.

The movie even sets us up in the end for one of the darkest and most impressive story lines in the classic X-Men mythos – the dark phoenix saga. Which had the potential to be so ultimately cool… but more of that tomorrow.

For tonight I’m just going to forget X-Men 3 and enjoy this fantastic movie on its own merits. It introduces new X-Men favorites to the cinematic family. (Nightcrawler of course, but also a great cameo by Colossus.) It has some great action and cool twists. (Magneto’s escape scene is still one of my favorite parts of the movie.) It even has some slightly subversive bits of allegory. (Bobby – aka Iceman – comes out as a Mutant to his parents.)

In every way it is a worthy follow up to the first X-Men movie, and just like when I first watched it in the theater I find myself now wishing I could see more of this universe.


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