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Movie 143 – Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief

Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief – July 21st, 2010

I really wasn’t sure what to expect with this movie. I read the book last summer, but I admit I didn’t buy it. I snagged it from work and read it in a night so I could get it back to hand to a kid. Because oh my goodness, this series is popular. Which is one reason why I haven’t finished the series and why I haven’t re-read the first book. It’s never in! Therefore, while I can definitely point to a few things that were missing/different between the book and the movie, this isn’t like Hoot, where I’d read the book that day.

And speaking of Hoot, look who’s playing our lead? Same kid, Logan Lerman. I hadn’t realized that until we put this in. I noticed fewer slightly awkward deliveries in this movie than I did in Hoot, and really, I think he did a fairly good job. He doesn’t come off too clueless or too cocky, both of which are risks with the character of Percy. Really, most of the cast was just fine. This isn’t Shakespeare, and I’m not expecting Oscar-worthy performances from anyone. The only performance I didn’t like was Uma Thurman as Medusa, but maybe that’s my snake phobia talking (and by the way, I totally held two snakes at work on Monday and I thought the ophidiophobia was getting better but then HHSSSSSS! MEDUSA!).

But let’s get to the actual meat of the movie. Percy Jackson is a teenage boy with some issues in school. He’s been diagnosed with dyslexia and ADHD, which is explained to us through a clunky bit of dialogue with his mother. Turns out he’s actually the son of Poseidon and a demigod and he’s not dyslexic or hyperactive, he’s hardwired to read Greek instead of English and always be ready for battle. But I’m getting ahead of myself. Percy lives with his mother and his utterly foul step-father and has been leading a fairly normal teenage boy life, considering the reading and attention issues. Until he gets attacked by a Fury on a class field trip and his best friend, Grover, grabs him and his mom and makes them both book it to Camp Half Blood, a magical place for demigod kids to learn how to be heroes.

Here is where I start talking about things I miss. I miss the cabins. A lot. Largely because I really felt they both added to the atmosphere of the camp and the world, and because I liked how they set Percy up on his own. See, in the books, the big three gods, Zeus, Poseidon and Hades, have vowed not to have any more demigod kids because their kids cause too much trouble or something. And when Percy gets to camp, he finds that demigods are claimed by their divine parent and take up residence in that god or goddess’s cabin. But since Poseidon isn’t supposed to have any kids, he doesn’t claim Percy for a bit, which leaves Percy bunking with the Hermes kids. I liked the feel to it. Sort of a Hogwarts for demigods. But I guess it was too Hogwartsy and so that bit was glossed over, as is the whole thing with Poseidon not claiming Percy. That’s never an issue in the movie and I missed that too. I also missed the focus on completing quests. In the book, quests are a Major Big Deal and I liked that. I didn’t miss the whole subplot with Ares, to be honest, so I won’t even go into all that. Suffice it to say, I was fine with the tighter plot.

So back to it. Percy gets to camp, but his mother gets kidnapped by a minotaur right as they arrive. And… then he trains to be a hero for a little bit? Turns out Grover’s a satyr who’s been protecting him and his teacher from school is a centaur and the whole thing with his mother is sort of put on the back burner until after a big capture the flag competition where he gets to face off with Annabeth. Annabeth is the daughter of Athena, who was always my favorite goddess so I’m a bit partial. At the post-capture the flag party, Hades shows up and demands that Percy return Zeus’s lightning bolt. Which apparently everyone thinks Percy stole. Hades promises Percy his mother back if he delivers the bolt to him and so Percy sneaks out of camp with Annabeth and Grover and the movie turns into a road trip. They hit Medusa’s lair, the Parthenon in Tennessee, and my favorite: The Lotus Casino in Vegas.

Now, like I said, I don’t mind the plot. It’s definitely been simplified from the book, with some divine meddling cut out. I’m sorry we didn’t get to see Ares on his motorcycle, but I’m even more sorry about the depiction of Hades. I’d have to say my two biggest complaints are in Hades and the ultimate titular lightning thief. But Hades first. He shows up as a devil. Like, big wings, horns, fire. Whole nine yards. I admit, my first reaction was to shout “GREEK MYTHOLOGY DOES NOT WORK THAT WAY!” because really. No. I don’t mind his eventual regular guy/rock star persona, but the flaming wings? Save it for something Biblical. As to my other complaint, in the book there are all sorts of devious things going on with the gods bickering and trying to get power from each other. Since all that was cut out of the movie, it leaves the guy who really stole the lightning with considerably lessened motivation. It feels weak in comparison to the rest of the movie, which is a pity. The climactic battle scene is fun and all, but I couldn’t work myself up to care about the stakes.

Overall, it was a fun movie. I seriously enjoyed the Lotus Casino scenes, though while I understand why they used a Maserati for their getaway car (Maserati’s logo is a trident), I think using a newer Lotus would have been just as amusing. I do have to wonder why women in action movies never seem to have discovered hair elastics – one would think having your hair whipping around in your face would be a major liability in a fight – but other than that, no complaints about Annabeth. I like that the majority of the movie had a good team thing going, with Annabeth and Grover both getting to kick as much ass as Percy. It wasn’t perfect, and the Hades thing kind of pisses me off (seriously, hellhounds? not Cerberus?), but it was fun and I’m a sucker for Greek mythology.


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  1. I have issues with the transition from movie to book that reflect this review.
    First – In the book, Percy was unclaimed by Poseidon and the other campers did not know who he belonged to UNTIL the capture the flag battle, when Poseidon makes it VERY obvious to all present that Percy is his son. Short-changing this in the movie was a major disservice.
    Second – where was Clarise? she plays a major role later in the book series, and her absence in this first movie will seriously hurt follow-up movies if there are any.
    Third – in the book, they did not eat lotus flowers! It was purely an enchanted atmosphere.

    Comment by marilyn | July 22, 2010 | Reply

  2. While I definitely had adaptation problems, primarily regarding the entire missing plot line, I still really enjoyed this movie. I really hope they continue making these movies; although I’m concerned by how they will back track in order to do the main plot line justice.

    Comment by Trisha | July 23, 2010 | Reply

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