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Movie 152 – Incubus

Incubus July 30th, 2010

First of all, I would like to thank my friend J for this movie. She showed a good portion of it to me when I went to visit her at one point and I was totally fascinated, so when she offered to buy it for us for the project I said yes. How could I say no to a black and white 1966 movie starring William Shatner, with the dialogue entirely in Esperanto? I couldn’t. And so this weekend, while J is visiting, we are watching it. I figure that’s only fair.

In a remote seaside village, the Succubi lure men to them and claim them for the devil. But they’re only supposed to take men with corrupt souls. Kia, one of the Succubi, is weary of only harvesting the corrupt and wants to use her powers to get a pure soul. Enter William Shatner as Marc. He’s an injured soldier recuperating near the village, there with his sister. He is, as one might expect, a pure soul. So of course Kia wants him. Her fellow Succubus warns her off, but Kia goes after him anyhow.

All sorts of things happen while Kia is trying to seduce Marc, like an eclipse which ends up blinding Marc’s sister, and Kia and Marc traipsing through a stream together. Unfortunately for Kia, Marc’s so pure, he ends up seducing her instead of the other way around. She goes all faint and he carries her to the local church. Oh no! Bad idea! Kia and her fellow Succubus decide that Marc has defiled Kia with love and goodness and vow revenge, summoning the titular Incubus.

There’s some seduction and ravishing and a black mass and Shatner gets to fight the Incubus, which isn’t as exciting as one might think. And then there’s a fight between Kia and the Incubus, sort of, only he’s in llama-goat form.

To be quite honest, this isn’t a bad movie. I’ve seen bad movies. I’ve seen really bad movies. I’ve seen Lost Boys 2: The Tribe. This is not bad. You just need to go into it with certain expectations. This isn’t Psycho or Rosemary’s Baby – both relatively contemporary with this movie. You have to expect an art film. You have to expect some somewhat stilted acting. You have to accept that given that none of the actors were fluent in the language they were speaking, some line deliveries might be awkward. But if you go in with all of that, it’s really fairly enjoyable.

The story seems to be missing some bits, but I’m willing to let that go as the original print of the film was lost and the restoration required borrowing a print from a French theater. It’s somewhat understandable that some bits might have gotten lost. But what’s there is a story about love and redemption and sin and revenge. It’s a story about souls and heaven and hell. It’s not super deep, but it doesn’t have to be. Everything is laid out simply. The Succubi claim men with tainted souls. Marc doesn’t have a tainted soul. Kia wants him, so she’s got to taint him somehow. That’s not complicated. But it doesn’t really matter. It’s interesting and it’s different, and I really don’t think we own anything else like it, so I’m glad we’ve got it and I’m glad we watched it.


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