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A Hard Day’s Night

October 12, 2010

A Hard Day’s Night

Amanda’s library held a Beatles Rock Band event today, which was loads of fun, so we felt it was time for another Beatles movie for tonight. I will say that after an afternoon playing along and singing to Beatles songs my natural inclination is to sing along through this movie.  Every song in here is a wonderful and catchy tune that you can’t help enjoying. 

This movie is amazing. It so perfectly captures this moment in time. Or perhaps it manufactured it. I’m not too sure if this has any actual basis in fact or even if the characters that the lads play resemble the real Beatles, but it FEELS true. Certainly John appears to be at home in the role of the spontaneous trouble maker.  

The concept of this movie is that it follows the Fab Four on an average day as they prepare for a live television broadcast. At every opportunity the Liverpudlian Lads escape and goof around. It’s all in good fun of course, the boys are depicted as good natured boys with no particular agenda and a tendency to burst into song at the slightest provocation. These are the Beatles as lovable mop tops in neat suits back before they began to explore broadened horizons.  Beatlemania is in full effect and they are pursued by hordes of screaming girls much of the time.

It’s impressive how well put together this movie is. It’s not just the great songs, there’s a lot more going for this. There’s a lot of great dialog. The script is full of running gags (mostly revolving around Paul’s trouble making grandfather) and the dialog is full of rapid fire patter. The boys work wonderfully on screen.  They’re surrounded by a fantastic supporting cast playing their fictitious manager Norm and his assistant Shake, Paul’s grandfather, and all the various directors and such they come into contact with. 

Mostly however it is a Beatles movie. The best of the Beatles movies in my opinion. It’s just fun to imagine that this is really what the boys were like and that this is the kind of fun they got up to between concerts and press conferences. It’s a wonderful bit of propaganda that works as an entertaining film and which added to their mighty legend.   

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