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Movie 421 – Vegas in Space

Vegas in Space – April 25th, 2011

My freshman year of college I had the pleasure of living in a dorm with one of the most fabulous people I have ever met. She had a laugh you could hear from anywhere on the hall and to this day I wish I’d gotten more than one year with her. She was a senior that year and she and her roommate took myself and my group of friends under their wings. This involved giving us tips on some of the school events and activities as well as gathering us together for movie nights. Oh, I vividly remember my parents arriving for parents’ weekend while my room was full of ladies drinking cocoa spiked with Goldschlager while watching Faster Pussycat, Kill Kill. That was her fault. I don’t regret it.

Anyhow, this fabulous lady was the one who insisted we watch Vegas in Space. I don’t remember if she’d seen it already or if she just thought it would make a fantastic thing for us all to watch. Regardless, we watched it and we loved it. We couldn’t help but love it. It became a thing for us all for a while and we kept a couple of quotes from it in our lexicon. “Glamour first, glamour last, glamour always!” and “An oasis of glamour in a universe of mediocrity,” really are eminently quotable, aren’t they?

Now, you have to understand that while I can rock a pair of heels like nobody’s business, I’m not fabulous or glamorous on a daily basis. But oh do I love drag queen glamour and fabulosity. Love it all so much. I love the gowns and the wigs and the shoes and the attitude. And you know what else I love? Cheesy low budget movies. The sorts of movies that are clearly labors of love and made on the film equivalent of a shoestring. I love camp. So combine the two and you’ve got what has got to be one of the most perfectly bad things ever made. I cannot help it, I love this movie to pieces.

From what I can tell, it took years for this movie to get financed and put together. Drag queen, star and screenwriter Doris Fish worked her ass off on this movie. Check her IMDB page and you’ll see that her credits include visual effects, costumes, make-up, etc. Doris Fish owned this movie and certainly dominated the vast majority of the scenes she was in. As Captain Tracy Daniels of the USS Intercourse, Fish leads her crew on a mission to save the planet Clitoris. And if you think that’s just far too obvious well, you’re missing the humor. It’s supposed to be obvious. And ridiculous. That’s the point. Anyhow, originally Daniels was a male starship captain with an all male crew, but men aren’t allowed on Clitoris so they become women and get big hair and head on down to Vegas in Space, the fabulous resort on Clitoris.

Now, there is a plot here, with some Girlinium jewels being stolen from Empress Nueva Gabor of Clitoris, and somehow that’s destabilizing Clitoris and causing tremors and chaos and decidedly un-fabulous things. Tracy and her crew are sent to find out what’s going on and recover the jewels. There’s a bit of misdirection when the Empress of Earth tells the crew to beware of her evil sister, Queen Veneer, who is the queen of police on Clitoris. But she turns out to just be super fierce and totally awesome. Spoiler alert: It turns out the thief is Empress Nueva’s young friend, Princess Angel, who’s actually a robot. A creepy kleptomaniac robot. Come on, did you expect the plot to be brilliant? Of course not.

Really, the whole thing is an excuse for a bunch of drag queens and a few other men and women I assume were friends of theirs or involved in the drag scene somehow to get together and wear the most outlandish sci-fi themed costumes and huge wigs and make a movie where they were fantastic futuristic beings. And let’s face it, who wouldn’t want to be fantastic and futuristic and wear great wigs and dresses made of tinsel? I know I’d jump at the chance and I’m just me. I can’t imagine this was a hard sell to the drag queens on the cast and they’re great fun to watch.

Now, I won’t lie. This movie is not high art. It’s low quality at best. The sets are clearly apartments and lobbies and the like. A few of the cast members are probably far far better on stage doing comedy or lip syncing than they were delivering lines for a movie camera. There are a few jokes that fall flat. But then there’s Queen Veneer and Princess Angel chasing each other around while Princess Angel throws a temper tantrum in the Vegas mall. It’s uneven at best if you want to be cold about it. But I don’t want to be cold, because I do love it. I love every fabulous moment of it.

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