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Movie 626 – The Red Violin


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The Red Violin

November 16, 2011

The Red Violin

This was a movie that had blown me away when I first saw it shortly after it came out on DVD. We didn’t own it when we set out on our movie a day project and I knew a movie as impressive as this one needed to be part of our collection so we could watch it again.

What has always impressed me about this movie, and what amazes me all over again as I watch it tonight, is how brilliantly it is constructed. It tells the tale, down through the years, of a legendary instrument crafted during the Renaissance by an Italian master. The singular instrument is passed from one extraordinary individual to another across the centuries as it makes its journey to what we know is an auction where people related somehow to everybody who was ever touched by it bids in an effort to own this piece of history.



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