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Movie 627 – O


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November 17, 2011


Being as I am no fan of tragedy I haven’t gotten around to watching this movie in the years since I bought it. I had many reasons to want to see it. It’s an adaptation of Shakespeare for one. It features Julia Stiles for another, and I love her in every movie we have her in. As I’m watching it now I see just what a great movie it is, but knowing how it has to end makes it hard to watch.

I knew that Stiles would be great, because she always is. I had heard that the movie as a whole was very well made and I can see that it is. What I found unexpected and particularly hard to watch tonight is Josh Hartnett’s absolutely fantastic and horrifying performance as the Iago of this movie – Hugo Goulding. The character is so duplicitous and sinister to start with, but it’s far more horrifying to see somebody with such easy charm to himself being so unashamedly evil.



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