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Movie 636 – American Beauty


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American Beauty

November 26, 2011

American Beauty

It’s been about a decade since I last watched this movie. The result is that now I I am three years away from the stated age of Kevin Spacey’s quintessential middle aged failure Lester Burnham. One of the major themes of this movie is Lester’s midlife crisis and dissatisfaction with his life. It is a little strange thinking that I’m at that point in my life now where people start to look back on their lives and see what they’ve made of them, or haven’t made. It’s a little disorienting to think of myself in those terms.

This is a movie about broken people finding the courage to take their lives into their own hands. Just about every character in the film faces a crisis and discovers a way to break the cycle that imprisons them. For some of them it works out okay. For some of them less so.



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