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State of the blog update

Amanda and I have, over the course of the last six hundred and forty six days, watched every movie in our shared collection. This marks the end of the daily movie project. We have about a two month backlog of reviews to write for movies we’ve already seen but which do not have reviews in our archive yet, and we’ll be filling that in over the coming days.

Fear not however, loyal readers! We will continue to periodically add new movies and reviews to the site as we continue to expand our collection. We already have a lengthy list of films we want to purchase, and people keep on making more – so even if we are no longer daily we will still be adding constantly to the blog.

Take a look at the spreadsheet of completed reviews we have linked over on the right-hand side of the page there. If your favorite movie isn’t listed there maybe you should comment to us and recommend it – we’re always looking to broaden our cinematic horizons.


December 7, 2011 Posted by | we want information | 2 Comments