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Why No Reviews?

One might notice, having looked at the most recent posts here, that while Andy has posted a few reviews of things he’s watched since we finished the main collection, I haven’t even put up placeholders. This is because of two things: 1. I am still somewhat burned out on review-writing (working on the old ones though, so I will finish) and 2. I do not plan on watching everything he’s bought since we finished the main collection.

In fact, I will admit here that there’s a handful of movies we owned already that I finally flat out refused to watch. A couple were things I simply had no interest in. One was something I knew would make me horribly depressed and one was something I had already told Andy I never wanted to see, but then he bought it anyhow. By the time we were nearing the end of the original list, we’d gotten to the point where we were watching a number of things I’d never have otherwise put on my television screen. Depressing movies about sad people, for the most part. Apparently Andy went through a phase of buying depressing dramas. Given that I know I won’t enjoy watching them, why put myself through that? Sure, I’ll appreciate the artistry of a good drama, but that’s not always enough for me to justify spending two hours watching it if the end effect is me feeling like crap for a few days afterward. So when Andy then bought a couple of things I knew I wasn’t interested in, I decided to just let it go. I’ve seen an enormous number of movies. We certainly don’t own every movie I’ve ever watched and we own a lot. I accomplished my original goal of justifying the vast piles of DVDs stacked in our apartment and I’ll get the rest of my reviews written eventually. I’ll post a review of the Lou Ferrigno Hercules and I’ll likely review some of the other things we buy in the future, but no, I won’t be watching or reviewing Scott Pilgrim and in his review Andy pretty much hit the nail on the head as to why.

And I’m okay with that.


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